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Soap From Scratch( An Online Natural Soap making Class).

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Would you like to learn to create natural, cold process soap from scratch?


Are you intrigued and fascinated at the idea of creating luxurious natural cold process soap with plant extracts, herbs, spices and other skin loving additives- would you absolutely love to be able to create these?


Have you started your own skincare range and now wish to introduce Natural, cold process soaps to it?


Do you simply want to begin creating natural soaps free of any harsh chemicals for yourself and your family? Or would you prefer to SELL your soapy creations to create a stream of additional and continual source of income into your life? Are you confused about HOW to actually apply the knowledge you've gotten so far from all of the free resources you've been on online?


Would you like to start your own skincare range and figure it would be best to start with natural cold process soaps- and then build on from there?


Are you confused about what you need to start creating natural soap- are your wondering if you need to go to some type of school to learn to create natural soaps?


Have you already begun experimenting with cold process soapmaking and found that you are having more soaping failures than soaping wins?

Are you wondering if you are getting the right recipes from the free resources online? Maybe that would explain the fails- are you having these thoughts?


Are you tired of getting free recipes online that you cannot scale up or scale down because you still have not understood how to calculate your own recipes- would you like to learn how to calculate and create your own personal soap recipes?


Would you simply like to create a product that you are absolutely confident in?

Well, I’ve got you.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any one of what I've written up there, then I am here to tell you that I've gat you! I created this class for YOU!

Let me tell you, I've had ALL of these pain points in my soaping journey. ALL.


So, you are not alone.

But I went from all of these pain points to beginning to create really great natural cold process soaps that became firm favourites for my customers. So, if you are experiencing any of the above pain points, I'm here to say, you don't have to trial your way through the years like I did, Let me SHOW you the HOW in this class. You don't have to do this journey alone, Let me help you.

I have created this online Class to take you through ALL the stages you need to understand in order to create your own natural cold process soap! And you do not need to have any soap-making experience, all you need to have is a desire to learn and the ability to DO.

Some of the Benefits you get from learning this amazing skill:

You can start your own soap-making business and create another stream of income into your life


You can, forever, create YOUR OWN natural soap recipes for yourself and your family and save yourself a ton of money! (£99.99 is the price for 15 bars of Natural soap)


You gain a sense of achievement in yourself and your ability to create "a product", a real product that people REALLY love!


Here's the REAL value of what you will be getting:

3 Step-By-Step Videos explaining in details the fundamentals and how-tos of soap making that you will never find on the internet. Once you have these basics, you can confidently create any soap of your choice as this is the main information you need to equip you in creating.
Valued at £20 individually  ( N10,050.00 each
i.e £60 | N31,200 | $78.48 )

1 soap-making workbook: Valued at £5.99 ( N3,010.00 |  $7.84 )

1 ADDITIONAL Step-by-step videos on how to salvage soap fails: Valued at £20  (£50 | N26,000 | $64

2 free Best selling recipes (Trade secrets): Valued at £150 for EACH i.e £450 | N226,126 |$588

1 month Community Support - Really invaluable.

1 year access to class

Overall Course VALUE = £545.99 | N 283,400. |   $704.17

However, you are getting this for....

£97 |  N74,000  | $184.84 - this is subject to occasional review based on the real time exchange rate provided



Frequently Asked Questions

Will you teach us how to create our own recipes and how to calculate our own recipes?

Yes, you will be taught this.

How long do we have access to the courses and support group?

You have access to the course for 1 year and have access to the support group for 1 month- which you can decide to join before you’ve spent time attempting to soap by yourself or after you’ve begun soaping by yourself.

I don't have a paypal account.

Because you will be paying with your debit card/credit card, the equivalent of  £99.99  will be accurately deducted from your account.

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